Northern Michigan weather can take a toll on our vehicles. From the bone chilling Northern wind to waking up with a foot of snow on your windsheild. Wasting money on gas to defrost the snow and ice sure makes you wish you had a garage. 
Wishing you had that garage to park in?  Or to store that "I don't know if I should get rid of it" stuff you've collected through the years?   
If you want it, but you're not really sure you
can afford need to call Doss Builders.
Doss Builders understands that finances aren't like they used to be. 
There are job decreases and rising prices, uncertainty and the unknown ahead.  That's why Thomas Doss is offering to help you and take you through your building needs step-by-step. 
Thomas Doss bases his business on honesty and giving his customers the comfort of knowing that they did not waste their money.
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